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Hide from the Puffles on 3 different maps (QDNTS, RP, SP) and survive the entire round. The Puffle can damage the player by touching the player, it also can jump higher and it's a little bit faster than the player. Every map is different and has the old Roblox aesthetic, you can hide by the acid river on Resting Place, hide inside a house in Quadrants and hide inside the castle in Sunset Plains. Every map has it's own Puffle skins, every Puffle is different. Puffles can't damage other Puffles. Get Badges by going to the highest point of the maps!


BACKY@ is centered around the early to the mid 2000's. Each Puffle is unique and they all have walk sprites. Puffles always look on the direction of the player's camera. The puffle spawns in a room with a portal, the Puffle must press E on the portal to be teleported to the map. The experience doesn't have a Player cap to start a match, a match can be started with 1 player but it will end immediately.

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